Salvation Army

$9,300 ~ November 2016

Yellow Brick House

$8,100 ~ August 2016

Cedar Centre

$8,000 ~ May 2016

Centre for Dreams

$7,000 ~ February 2016


$3,800 ~ May 2015

TBA ~ February 2017

Jennifer Ashleigh Charity

$5,000 ~ August 2015

Evergreen Hospice

$5,400 ~ November 2015

Our Story

We gather for just one hour every three months where we jointly select a local charity or not-for-profit organization to support.

At each meeting, three charities are invited to speak to our members about their charity.  Each charity has the opportunity to share a five minute presentation.

After the presentations, the members deliberate and vote, choosing which charity will receive the funds raised.

Since our first meeting in 2014, we have donated over $48,900 to Markham based charities!

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